PB Power was born out of the very kiwi tendency to look after the environment. Our CEOs were constantly educating themselves on the new alternatives for energy supply internationally. Finding out there were so many options out there that were not being properly exploited, prompted them to create their own power company.

However, they soon realized that it would be convenient and appropriate to work with telecommunications as well. This thought came from understanding that a huge part of the power consumption issues was related to telecommunications. Thus, they embarked on finding ways to face the challenges present in this area, along with power-related situations.

Evolution and Growth

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PB Power kept evolving and growing in New Zealand, getting familiar with the different requirements and challenges the market presented. Each obstacle was and is used to push us forward, make us more determined to do an outstanding job and provide better services for those who come to us.

Our love for the environment and will to protect it has only rooted itself deeper in the core of this business. As kiwis, we see the wonderful nature around us and always try to keep it as pristine and beautiful as it ever was. We take on the challenges of clean energy and effective telecommunications very seriously.

Given our determination to provide services that are power efficient as well as eco-friendly, we have gathered a great number of tools. We put these tools at the service of our clients, along with a little bit of education on how to use them to make their businesses and homes more power-efficient.

We Look After Our Own

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The people we hire share the same commitment to these goals, as well as the will to continue improving their fields of action. We are constantly educating our employees, providing the best training available, enabling them to do their very best. This creates a positive work environment, where everybody is on the same page.

Paired with consistent education, we make sure we provide all the needed benefits to our employees. We consider that a well-paid, happy, healthy worker is an asset to be valued and nurtured in whatever ways are made available.

Hundreds of people in New Zealand already benefit from our business’s outlook. The idea will always be providing outstanding services and to survive and thrive in the ebb and flow of these markets.